11 Days To Energetic Empowerment

Are You an Empath living with High Sense Perception?

  • Do You Feel Things Very Deeply?
  • Can You Sense Other People’s Thoughts and Emotions?
  • Do You Absorb Other People’s Energy?
  • Can You See/Hear/Feel Things That Others Cannot?
  • Are you looking for ways to manage or even thrive beyond the stimulus?

Join the Kick Start Program for an Energetically Kick-ass Life!

Sarah K. Grace brings over thirty years of direct experience with extrasensory energetics, fifteen years as a paramedic, and nearly a decade of diversified studies in energy medicine, shamanism, medical intuition, and mediumship.

11 Days to Energetic Empowerment ~ The Kick Start Program for an Energetically Kickass Life with Sarah K. Grace” is just what you need! For only $11, you will receive valuable information, meditations and much more.

What You Will Learn:

  • What an Empath actually is
  • The three types of Empaths
  • Exercises for each type
  • And other tools to help you thrive

What You Will Receive:

  • Videos
  • Written tools
  • Homework
  • How-to exercises

This introductory mentorship program provides grounded support towards lasting healing. This program is designed to teach you practical tools to help you move through physical, mental, emotional, and energetic blocks.If you are ready to embrace your own unique abilities and make real, lasting change in your life, sign up today!

More About Sarah

Sarah K. Grace is a powerful and dynamic individual who spent over a decade merging her career as a paramedic in some of California’s busiest 911 systems with her innate gifts as a clairvoyant medium, medical intuitive, and energy healer. Combining Western and Energy Medicine, Sarah has spent years studying both physical and energy anatomy while applying her skills in critical settings to thousands of patients as they dealt with life and death emergencies.

Sarah now has a vibrant private practice working with clients worldwide as they embrace their own power, make sense of their energetic abilities, and heal past traumas. She is an author, mentor, intuitive energy healer, clairvoyant medium, medical intuitive, and licensed paramedic. She is a vibrant person with quick wit and dry humor who’s intention is to lead by example, displaying that one can fully engage their psychic abilities while still thriving in joyful, powerful, and abundant lives.

Sarah K. Grace lives, works, and plays in Northern California while accommodating clients from all across the country in their own personal empowerment and energetic awareness. Her intuitive, grounded approach is clear in every session, and is easily translated both in person and over the phone. Understanding that the whole Human Experience is just a whimsical moment of infinite Creation, Sarah chooses to embrace life fully while empowering her clients to do the same.

  • "In her courageous and compelling memoir, “Journey Into Grace”, Sarah shares experiences from over a decade of working as a paramedic, interwoven with the story of her own evolution with her psychic gifts. Sarah takes us on a riveting ride as she shows us how transformation and rebirth can only be a result of honoring one’s own inner truth… This book is a high-intensity, fascinating, powerful must-read!"

    Nancy Levin bestselling author of Jump … And Your Life Will Appear
  • Journey Into Grace is an enthralling and dramatic story about one person’s battle with the light and the dark of life. Sarah has discovered and described her path in the way that many authors write of, yet fail to truly communicate. This is where the author succeeds, because as she describes her story, you are actually transported into the moment. Sarah is truly a beacon of light for lost or wondering souls."

    Derek Mills bestselling author of The 10-Second Philosophy
  • "Working with Sarah marked the beginning of my Spiritual Path, and since our time together my life has changed drastically for the better. I've always been sensitive to energy, but now I finally know how to deal with it. I'm no longer a victim of my past or of the energy I see and feel -  instead, I am strong, clear, grounded, and excited to create a life of limitless possibility. Thank you, Sarah, for helping me through my trauma and back into my power!"

    Emily G.
  • "I have had the opportunity to work with Sarah multiple times and each time has left me feeling more empowered with the Awareness of who I am, as well as what is blocking my fullest expression. She is fully Present with you when working with the multiple layers of information available to her. It is truly shocking when she reveals just how much detailed information she gets. With each session I walked away with what I consider the most important element of being here now – a more grounded connection with my Soul so that I can now fulfill my purpose. I would gladly work with her time and time again."

    Atara Seattle, Washington
  • "Sarah has written a heartfelt story that shows a deep level of resilience that inspires us all. Through her own healing, she is now able to bring all of her diverse abilities to bear to help others walk their own path to wholeness."

    Kate MacKinnon author of “From My Hands and Heart”
  • I am a 70-year-old active baby boomer with no plans to settle down in retirement. My longest running physical ailment has been low back pain since I was 25 years old. While working as a hodcarrier, I routinely carried 95 lb. sacks of cement. One especially busy day, I lifted the last of 120 sacks and suddenly couldn’t stand up. The pain was excruciating. Since that time, I never know when my back would “go out” and no doctor, chiropractor, or energy worker has been able to effect a lasting change… until Sarah Grace. Whatever talent she has as an energy worker is real. I saw her twice and with the inclusion of a few simple stretching exercises I am pain-free and can move better than I have in 30 years. Anyone who has similar issues needs to give Sarah a try. Besides being the sweetest human imaginable, she is direct, blunt, articulate, and because of her EMT training, very knowledgeable about how the human body works. Lastly let me say that beyond the professionalism of her work, she is really fun to work with and the results are life-changing. Thank you, Sarah Grace, for doing what you do. I can never repay what you’ve given me.

    Bruce Bell Bell Construction
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