Casual Conversations with the Demons of Meth

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A recent session brought me in contact with a beautiful young woman whose long struggle with addiction to Methamphetamine had her in crisis.  Bright, petite, and spiritual, she came to me in an effort to integrate her pain and to finally leave her past behind.  In my practice I have worked with many people addicted to Crystal Meth and Heroin – and I’ve come to understand that these substances are among the larger, darker frequencies on this planet.  Every Meth addict that I’ve worked with has shared similar characteristics in their energetic grids: a charcoal grey cloud of cotton looking energy that is enmeshed with sharp barbs and pokers permeating the client’s aura.  This energy lodges viciously into one or more of the chakras and creates mental/emotional/and physical complications that continue to increase in intensity throughout the addiction. The energetic frequency that comprises Meth is thick and and resilient – often taking much work and navigation to loosen from the person’s field.

This particular client had been battling addiction for over a decade and the energy frequency associated with her field far surpassed any dusty little cloud.  Immediately upon touching her, a wave of deep despair washed through my system.  Not wanting to get swept away in the painful emotions of her trauma, I intuitively asked my Guides to dial back the intensity on my physical form so that I could accurately assess the situation. Request granted.  (I LOVE how the Universe responds immediately when you know what you want!) 🙂 Continuing the session, I moved deeper into her energy construct as a myriad of visuals from her youth began to play out before me.  Like watching a giant invisible movie screen, violent scenarios of abuse, sexual trauma, and shame flashed toward me in full graphic detail. Pain, wounds, and difficulties that her soul encountered in it’s early stages of incarnation became very apparent – but the details of her story are not why I was there.

Yes, it was important to have understanding and empathy for what my client had experienced – but infusing new energy into old wounds and story does nothing in the way of healing.  Instead, I was more interested in the aura construct and where the trauma tethers to the physical form so that I may transmute old pain into higher frequencies within her cell tissue.  To me, this work looks like picking up a piece of twine that’s buried in the sand. Once I find the origin of the energy, I pull up the remaining tether and follow the chord beyond egoic identity and into the deeper structural tissue, where I am then able to work with the densest layers of energy to facilitate healing.

Like being in a tiny submarine submerging into a colorful sea of electrical information, I descended beyond her story structure into the fibers of her sacral chakra and solar plexus.  That’s when I saw it. Emerging from behind a menacing iron curtain slithered a massive black serpent from it’s crevice. NOW WE’RE TALKING! Easily 30 feet tall with black onyx scales on it’s head, neck, and back and emerald green eyes, it rose up to it’s fullest embodiment and arced around to the left – snapping and hissing at me in all it’s glory.  [*note – this type of scenario used to scare the crap out of me in the early stages of my practice.  That was a time before I understood that Darkness is equally important and ‘beautiful’ as Light.  Now that I have a protocol on how to work with them I just get a kick out of the amazing song and dance the entities put on before I facilitating their transmutation from of my client’s aura. They usually go gangbusters in attempt to get their point across –  putting on one hell of a show!]  🙂 In this case, the serpent represented my client’s addiction. The entity was huge due to the duration of the attachment to her pain, story, and long standing use of Meth as her coping mechanism.

“Hello.” I said telepathically to the giant demon.  “I see you. Thank you for coming today. What is your message for my client?”

Seething and writhing, it brought it’s giant head just inches from my face in an effort to induce me into fear. This wasn’t my first rodeo so I maintained my curious fascination even as it’s black tongue flicked the outside parameter of my aura and waves of anger, despair, and hatred ricochet in waves of black metallic barbs all around me.

“Leave.” It hissed at me in a deep masculine voice.

“Sorry. No can do.” I retorted.  “I’m here for her soul.  You have been here long enough… I See you – and I understand what you are.  Your energy is Divine and I honor your place in the Universal Tapestry. Now please tell me what you want her to know.”

Confused, the demon pulled back as though to evaluate me.  (Darkness is used to being feared and banished. It wants to battle for it’s place in this dimension – but there is no need. When we honor it and open ourselves to learning about it’s power and messages, it detracts from it’s power and neutralizes the entity).

“She must do it for herself.” the snake hissed.

“Tell me how.” I said.

In a flash the visions began again.  They showed my client surrendering her addiction to Meth and opening to the full magnitude of Darkness within her.  All of the fear, shame, anguish, guilt, betrayal, and violence swirled up out of her aura becoming illuminated over her physical form. Taking deep breaths and beginning to tremble, my client’s small body shook on the table as hundreds of black shadows spiraled upward just two feet above her body pulling up the deep history of trauma with them. The smaller shadows spiraled together in a type of tornado that comprised the base of the giant serpent’s tail. (kinda neat to see how it all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle!)  The big serpent had MASSIVE power and wasn’t going to integrate easily. In fact, this job was bigger than just me.  [In my years of working with clients, I’ve learned – initially the hard way – when to ask the Universe for help. The further I’ve come on my path, the more I’ve realized that spaces like this have very little to do with me.  I am merely a conduit for Spirit to work through and my ego literally has squat to do with it. Therefore, the more I get out of the way – the more room Spirit has to flow through to handle the business at hand].

Recognizing I was once again in a vibration that superseded my comfort level, I asked my Guides to bring in an equal balance of Light energy.  In an instant roughly ten giant Celestial Beings came to the room and surrounded my client and I. Posturing and hissing the serpent recoiled as the Celestials began emanating the highest vibration possible: Love. Again – this was NOT about ‘getting rid of’ the Darkness – instead it was about honoring ALL aspects Duality and balancing it within the energy body of my client. She had come to the session ready to face her deepest demons – so we brought them to the surface.  Now it was time to balance the palate. Absolute perfection ensued as the right side of the table glowed with ultra pure white light traced with licks of violet purple flame and the left side morphed with the hundreds of black shadow entities.  The vibration grew thick and my hands became extraordinarily hot on my client’s body where the entities were lodged.  Breathing rapidly, she began squirming around as Light and the Dark filled the room around us. Bursting into tears, she fidgeted with her hands as the vibration in the room pulsed higher and faster.  With my feet firmly planted on the ground and my hands glowing white hot on her belly, I watched as the Celestials on the right spiraled with the Darkness on her left – forming a sort of high frequency twisty cone above her body. Spinning faster and faster together, the energies began sparking and shooting off fractals of cobalt blue electricity toward the ceiling of the room.  (Um…. can you say awesome!?!?)

The vibration grew higher and deeper simultaneously as we became bathed in energy that felt like warm, gooey, molasses.  Growing rapidly, the energy spiraled upward and outward until it finally peaked –  at which time my client arched her back, opened her mouth, and let out a long scream of anguish that stemmed from the depths of her being. (BINGO! Energetic Transmutation!) Black balls of energetic goo flew up from her mouth like meteorites and joined into the sparking spiral above her body.  Panting and wailing, my client writhed in front of me as the lights in the room began to flicker. One more final deep, long wail came from her physical body before all of the energy in the room abruptly stopped. In an instant the lights came back on, the spiral stopped, and the fractals were gone – as were the Celestials and Dark entities. Just like that we went from full throttle intensity to two people in a room in the tangible reality.

Crying and shaking my client lay on the table as I began to facilitate auric repair to upgrade her grid with the higher frequencies of love, abundance, joy, and connection.  Soothing and calming her, I used my paramedic skills to monitor her physical form while calming her energetic system.  She had made it through the energetic gauntlet, but this session was just the beginning of a new journey for her.  Sure, we had balanced her grid, but going forward she alone could choose what thoughts, behaviors, and patterns to indoctrinate into her life.  It was, after all, up to her.

Weeks went by and my client stayed clean – diligent about communicating excitedly with me and walking her new path.  But as we all know, Darkness has hooks that can taunt us relentlessly: she has since fallen back into using.  I do not judge for I have seen the magnitude of her struggles.  I honor her strength for showing up that day. I honor the magnificent forces of Light, Dark, Masculine, and Feminine.  I honor the balance and perceived imbalance in the Universal Tapestry – and above all – I’m beyond grateful to get to play my part in the dance that is this Reality. From one to another… Namaste


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  • Gina Nicholson

    Very enlightening. Thank you.

  • Shantelle

    This is amazing. So inspiring and I hope to unlock the demons locked within my soul and let my light shine bright and free… I can’t stop crying just imagining what beauty happened that day in that room.
    Thank you.

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