A Life Preserver for Chaotic Waters

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Okayyy ~ the energy is a bit turbulent out there right now, eh? 🌎 A bit of panic with a dash of chaos can create the perfect concoction for loss of personal power… (or not). 😘

So I invite you to please, just for a moment, STOP. Take a breath, and RELAX. 🌸

Yes, this is a time of great discomfort for humanity and for our country. But losing focus by getting so worked up over things ‘out there’ doesn’t help. In fact, it can make the situation worse. To combat this, I’ve come up FIVE TIPS TO STAYING BALANCED in this time of collective discomfort:

1) For the love of all things holy – TURN OFF THE TV!! Much of the information presented is skewed, and anything you really need to know you will likely find out through other (hopefully more reputable) means. ❤

2) Resist the temptation to join the argument. This drains creative power and fuels collective strife. I get that it can be hard to ‘be the bigger person’ when you really want to get your point across – but when faced with this scenario, I encourage a different approach. Not having the last word can sting a bit at first, but ultimately you’ll be the one with energy left over to create what you actually WANT in life.💜

3) Stop right fighting. Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one. When someone spews an opinion that does not match your own, the choice is there to either match the energy – or choose not to engage. Again, resisting the initial impulse to battle allows us to maintain our personal power. With that, more energy can flow toward creating peace of mind, internal balance, and the power to stand firmly in compassion (or whatever position you wish to take). 💙

4) Use caution while ingesting alcohol, mind altering substances, and tobacco right now. These can be potent tools in their own right, but it can be especially easy right now to get lost in the chaos of the collective frequency when our energetic boundaries become blurred. I’m not saying ‘don’t do drugs’ : I’m just saying that if you do, be smart and have a lifeguard (aka shaman or energetically grounded friends) on watch if you decide to go swimming in the land of expanded consciousness right now. There are lots of energetic sharks out there… 💚

5) Close down your energy. Reboot your system. Put down your phone, get away from media, avoid friends, family, and coworkers who want to engage in the drama – and rest. Even 20 minutes of ‘shut off’ time a day can help to recalibrate your system so that you can stay focused and balanced. ✨

Hope this helps my friends! The collective water is choppy – but you know what? It’s just now. Spirit has a plan. So I invite you to relax, retain your personal power, and trust the energetic process. 🌈🌎❤🙏🏽

With love. xo

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