Holograms of Human Consciousness

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The world is ‘sick’ ~ yes indeed. This is an unprecedented time of polarity, crisis, and destruction – and we don’t have to look far to find examples… But you wanna know a secret? ✨

All that chaos doesn’t exist exclusively ‘out there’. It resides inside ~ of you, of me, and of every living being on this planet. That external projection is actually a manifestation of our own subconscious minds.
The human condition is where it is partly because it’s easier to look outside and blame than it is to claim our own unsavory characteristics and darkness. It is easier to judge, shame, condemn, and hate someone else than it is to be fully accountable for those very same traits that we all have within ourselves.

Simply put: feeling icky feels icky – so the ego looks to place responsibility for that outside of Self. ❤️

Are we screwed? Not necessarily. How do we turn it around? Great question! One predominant answer: Personal Accountability.✌️
When individuals within the human populous stop placing responsibility for the state of their life/climate/planet outside of themselves and choose instead to own the fact that they create and are responsible for the totality of their own existence – change can and will occur. ❤️

So – what can YOU do? Smile. Breathe. Relax… And stop. Be with yourself. Alone. In silence. Let it come – the discomfort, the pain, and the agony in your soul. Feel it. Allow it. Honor it. And embrace it. It’s all part of us ~ which is all part of the collective. It all just IS. ✨ As we do this, the energy integrates, therefore creating spaciousness for newer, higher frequencies to come in. And what does that mean? Love, acceptance, and wellness will flow into the individual thus shifting the subconscious projection… And then?

Change can finally happen. ✨

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