What Do You Want?

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The billion dollar question my friends: What.Do.You.Want? ❤️
Many people are well versed with what they don’t want, what isn’t working, how things “should” be different. And they often like to complain about it… a lot. But when we cut to the chase and ask point blank what is desired, many people do not know.

A stock answer is, “To be happy.” Great! What does that actually MEAN to you? How does it look and present in your life? What does it even feel like to be genuinely happy? Do you know? When was the last time you experienced it? Can you remember?
How can we ever get what we want if we don’t even know what it is?

Energy flows towards what we focus on. Even if we are focusing on opposing something, we are actually energizing the very thing we are fighting against. Stop. Redirect your energy toward building what you want – but first, get clear on and the emotions and ‘why’ behind it.

People say, “I want a million dollars.” Great! Why do you want that? What would you do with it once you got it? What would it feel like to be financially secure? To be a millionaire? How does your body feel at the thought of having it? Ever consider that?

Here’s another one: “I want to be healed.” Yay! What does wellness feel like? A strong, healthy body? And even more so, who would you be once you were healed? Where would you go? What would you do with all the time that used to be spent chasing after wellness? Ponderous, isn’t it?

This is bigger than the Law of Attraction. That’s a great principle but is on only one of a plethora of Universal currents that work with human manifestation. We create from the frequency that the majority of our energy bodies vibrate, and it is an ever fluctuating range as we grow, shift, and gain experience.

As we become clear on what we want, and then figure out why we want it and how it would feel to have it ~ we set the course GPS to making that a reality.

So, how about it?

What do you want?

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