Is God Joking? The Anatomy of an Empath/Sensitive Person: Part 1

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By this stage of the game, I’m grateful to be able to say that I’ve utilized my abilities to assess the physical and energetic bodies of thousands of people – both on the ambulance and in my private practice.

I have had countless clients come to me because they feel things very deeply, and they can’t seem to separate their own emotions from those of other people. They want to feel better, but don’t know
exactly how to do it.

Thinking back, I’ve noticed some commonalities between the body, mind, and emotions of the empaths and sensitive people that I’ve seen. In today’s blog post we’ll focus on the physical traits that many empaths share.

While there is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ summation, many of the wonderful I see people feel physically heavy or energetically ‘bogged down.’ They often present to me with excess weight they can’t seem to lose, lethargy, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or GI issues – specifically chronic constipation and IBS. They
may be foggy-headed, have migraines, and control/ OCD issues.

Many try hard to lose weight or increase their energy, but nothing seems to work. They may suffer
with adrenal fatigue, bipolar, or even depressive tendencies that they mask/cope with addictive behaviors.

Out of all of the various potential physical presentations, I’ve noticed one common factor more than anything: many of these people run hot and dry on their insides.

Hmmm… okay. So what does running hot and dry actually mean? The cliff note version means that these people are often running too much masculine energy (yang/hot) and not enough feminine energy (yin/cool) through their systems. It gets way more complex when we begin dissecting the various energy bodies, but for the sake of this blog post, we’ll keep it simple.

If you feel like this may apply to you, you can learn about yin energy and take conscious measure to incorporate it into your everyday routine. While I’ve enclosed a few tips below, Ayurveda and Chinese
Medicine can be excellent resources for you to get further education in this regard!

Think about it like this: say we have a standard electrical control panel that is wired to run around 200 amps of energy to a house (their body).

While the standard person runs the appropriate amount of energy through their panel, the energetically sensitive person/empath may run two to three times more energy through their system – or around 400-600 amps.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen to a control panel that runs too high of voltage over a prolonged period of time. Let’s just say things go haywire.

‘Haywire’ can present like many of the above listed ailments – or any number of other symptoms.


Because they are.

Could we create a story about sensitive people processing more energy for the raising of the collective vibration to usher in the dawning of the 5th dimension? Sure. We could do that.

But to me that story lends itself toward wanting to create an identity and purpose around suffering – which smells a bit like martyrdom. I’m not into that.

When we really get honest and break things down to a microscopic level, we realize that everything is energy – and everyone is a conductor of energy – even the drunk in the alley behind the 711 or that jerk boss who thinks the sun shines out of his own behind.

They may not be aware of the concepts of ascension or spiritual awakening, but make no mistake – they are processing energy too. Because that’s all we are: Energy.

So if we let go of any story around the increased conduction and just accept it for what it is, we can begin to balance our physical bodies.

What can we do about it?

Some of fastest and easiest ways to cool your system that I’ve personally found are:

**These are suggestions – not a prescription. YOU are your own primary caregiver, so
please use common sense. If something doesn’t resonate with you – don’t do it.**

  1. Drink more water – up to ½ gallon-gallon/day (minding blood pressure and kidney issues) Add lemon or vitamin C if you just can’t stand plain water.
  2. Drink aloe vera gel (2 TBSNS+/day). The aloe may cool and lubricate the system, increase GI motility, and soothe the nervous/endocrine systems. Cold rinses – Follow every bath/shower with a freezing cold rinse. The

    purpose is to help constrict the physical and energy bodies in order to slow the excess electrical conduction (again be mindful of blood pressure issues/vertigo/seizure history).

  3. Exercise – Think of this like off-gassing the extra energy. Movement can help dissipate the heat and can provide a more balanced baseline for your body. Twenty+ minutes of mild to moderate exertion/day can be enough to produce dramatic balancing effects throughout your system.
  4. SLEEP. This is one of the best possible ways for your system to reset. If your adrenals are fried and you have insomnia, there are tons of natural products that can help. Melatonin, Calm, Magnesium, CBD oil, and other herbs are available to help you chill out. Get educated before you take any supplement!

    Also be mindful that sensitive people often react atypically to substances or supplements. For instance, I take A HALF OF A PEDIATRIC DOSE of medication – a standard adult dose is way too potent for my system. Use discretion to find out what dose/concentration works for you.

When working with clients, I tailor a plan to their specific needs so their body can begin to restore balance. My primary goal when working with people is to teach them the tools they can use to HEAL THEMSELVES. Knowledge is power! When we
know better, we do better.

So – that’s it for the first part of this series. I hope it was helpful! Please stay tuned for the upcoming posts where we delve into the mental and emotional traits that many empaths share.

With Love~

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  • Brenda Kress

    Thanks, Sarah. Great information in an easy to follow style.

  • Autumn

    Awesome… thank you for the empowering tools.

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