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My path from Paramedic to Energy Healer has been interesting… I’ve gone from seeing patients who “doctor shop” and take upwards of fifteen different medications a day – to clients who use essential oils, herbs, and crystals to balance themselves.

I’ve encountered a hippy culture with some people who swear that Western Medicine is evil. They adamantly refuse Western care, and opt for homeopathic or prayer treatment instead – sometimes to great peril. On the contrary, I’ve also seen Western doctors paid to push drugs that may not be best suited for their patients, and a nearly total disconnect in treatment protocols between their patient’s body/mind/spirit. As a practitioner in both fields I’ve come to understand that while both fields have weaknesses, BOTH field can also have great value in health and wellness.

After fifteen years in the field here is my clinical assessment:

Our Western trauma care rocks. Lavender oil won’t do s**t for you if you are in a car accident and have an arterial bleed – or if you accidentally fall on a knife. You need a surgeon. Period. In those emergent instances, Western care is the pinnacle for getting your tush out of the hot mess that just befell you.

That said, Western medical treatment tends to look at the body in sections – versus addressing the total being. Not taking into account how each body system impacts the other can leave big gaps in effective treatment. This, and the fact that medical treatment can be a for-profit industry that emphasizes drug pushing over total system wellness. Not every doctor is bought and sold, but the industry is saturated with scrip-happy MD’s who are cozy with the Big Pharma drug reps. To them healing is often subsequent. If you’re not sick anymore, you don’t need meds. Have you ever wondered why they are still looking for a cure for cancer after thirty years? Yeah… (I’m not telling you anything you likely don’t already know).

Energy Healing and Energy Medicine can do wonders in treating chronic conditions, emotional and mental trauma, and many other imbalances, but is often not practical in life-threatening situations. If you have an anaphylactic reaction or face things like sepsis, MI (heart attack), CVA (stroke) – prescription drugs and aggressive western treatment can save your life. Reiki, crystals, and aromatherapy can come in treatment after your system has stabilized. Make sense? It doesn’t have to be one or the other – it can be both.

To summarize: If you suffer trauma, Western Care can be the most effective treatment modality. If you have chronic medical issues, Western meds can work at times, but exploring Eastern and Energy Medicine protocol can potentially heal the root cause of the imbalance.

Thanks for reading! This tends to be a hot button topic that people often feel passionately about one way or the other. I respect your opinion and welcome your insights!

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