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I really love seeing people thrive and do what they do best. Watching their success fires me up and gets me all giddy with vitality and excitement. That’s why I’ll be headed down to LA this weekend to support my long-time friend Derek Mills at the premiere of his latest movie project: Think and Grow Rich ~ A Movie Based on the Book by Napoleon Hill.

Derek is a self-made multi-millionaire who changed his life by setting Daily Standards instead of goals. Once an exhausted businessman who worked endless hours for minimal pay, everything changed after he realized that goals don’t work because they keep the reward somewhere ‘out there’ in the future. Instead, he decided to set and adhere to Daily Standards that reflected the life that he deeply desired. It worked.

Now, he inspires people all over the world to take charge of their lives and thrive. An author, motivational speaker, and renowned businessman, Derek is featured in the upcoming movie to share his amazing insights. We met at a Hay House conference five years ago, and have maintained our friendship ever since. For more information on Derek check out:

Think and Grow Rich the Movie looks AMAZING! Based on the legendary book by Napoleon Hill, the work is packed with proven techniques that help us recognize the many kinds of wealth, and attract more of what we want. It’s been a long time since I have been around Hollywood buzz, and I welcome the fun/glamorous excursion. Here is the trailer:

I look forward to seeing my old friend, making new ones, and playing in the energy field of infinite creative possibility. Thank you for playing with me! I’ll keep you posted!

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