From Me To We In 2018

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Thank you, friends, for sharing this journey with me! After a wonderful vacation over the New Year where I had a complete reset, I thought hard and long about where I am personally and professionally, and where I want to go. I absolutely love my life, and yet there are still parts of myself that I’ve been hiding. Those of you who know me know that I have a ‘thing’ about being real, and about walking my talk. I am here to show up as fully and completely in this life as possible; while sometimes that can be very uncomfortable, there is a fire in my soul that keeps me growing, changing, and evolving. That said, I’m here to take ownership that despite all of my progress, part of me still feels that I’ve been playing small. My truth is that a piece of me still has fear around sharing my visions and fullest energetic capacity for fear of being ‘too much’. I’ve processed this wound at length, know the origin, my behavioral cascades, and my shadow side. I’m cool with all that. What I’m no longer willing to do is hide my fullness – from you, or from myself.

You see, I’m beginning to realize that what I’m here to create is so much bigger than just me. It’s an entire concept that doesn’t yet exist, and that I have been ‘training for’ for decades. In a nutshell, I will be weaving a web that pulls from all sides of my knowledge base. Meaning – I will be joining together people from all over the planet to create a network of skilled providers for access to the general public in a special way. While I enjoy tremendous success in my private practice, I have been also been sitting on a wealth of knowledge about holistic and energy work in all forms – from basic meditation to advanced shamanic plant medicine ceremonies to powerful financial consulting agencies. It’s all energy ~ and to me, it’s all God. It’s time that I open up about all I’ve learned. My intention is to honor my fear but to walk through it anyway. While I enjoy my private practice and will continue to work in that way, my focus in 2018 is shifting from me to we.

Here’s what you can expect:

~From now on I will begin writing openly and candidly more often about what I see and do with clients in session (being mindful of confidentiality, of course) as well as my understandings of the energetics of the Universe. My hope is that you can have a better understanding of energy yourself, and hopefully find clarity in your own life. From these excerpts, I will add to and compile another book to be completed by the end of the year.

~Launch a ‘Business For Healers’ consulting program to help other providers achieve business success.

~Further develop technologically the provider network with a team of rock star colleagues whom I have nothing but belief in and love for. This looks like launching a second company that will be designed with content collaboration in mind.

Whew!! There you have it! I’m ready! Ready to put all of myself out there, and excited about what we can create together. Thank you again for your love and support.

Better Together.

From Me to We In 2018! Viva!!!!

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