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Good day friends! As many of you may be aware, Wednesday is a Super, Blue, and Blood moon! This combined phenomenon hasn’t occurred since March 31, 1866, so it is quite literally, a once in a lifetime experience. Celestial events such as these can have a noted impact on those of us who are sensitive, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about the moon!

Before we get started on some of the noted effects of this phenomena, let’s talk details. What is a Super, Blue, Blood Moon anyway?

  1. Supermoon: During the eclipse, the moon will be quite close to earth, so it will look bigger in the sky compared to an ordinary full moon.
  2. Blue Moon: The moon on Wednesday will be the second full moon in January, so it is considered a “blue moon.” Fun fact: A blue moon actually has two definitions. It can be the third full moon in a season of four moons or, as in this case, the second full moon in a month.
  3. Blood moon: This is in reference to the total lunar eclipse and it is aptly named because of the red glow the moon takes on when the eclipse is in totality.

So, what does this mean exactly?

First, let’s talk about the eclipse. A lunar eclipse happens when the earth gets between the moon and the sun, cutting the light reflection from the sun on the moon. Essentially, without the sun, the moon does not shine. So, during a lunar eclipse, the moon disappears. Additionally, lunar eclipses always occur on a full moon and they are usually a good marker for endings and other culmination points. As the moon goes dark, it is natures way of signaling an ending and a pause. They are some of the most potent tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to aspects of our lives that need to change. From a symbolic perspective, the moon’s disappearance is a great time to sit with what is…and what isn’t. It is a time to gather in preparation to begin anew.

Lunar eclipses can also have an impact on both our physical and emotional bodies. Because this eclipse is coupled with a Supermoon, the gravitational pull from the moon will be heightened more so than usual. For us sensitives, it can have a noticeable effect on daily functioning. Some commonly reported symptoms on or around lunar eclipses and Super Moons include tiredness, feeling frazzled, having a short temper, being energized, and even feeling a little bit wired. The eclipse effects individuals in a variety of ways and whatever symptoms you may experience, try to ride the wave calmly and don’t overreact. This week is not the time to quit your job, break it off with your significant other or decide to sell your house. Now is a great time to utilize tools like self-care, meditation, yoga, writing, and even napping. Whatever has worked for you in the past, lean into it now. I personally take the time to engage in activities that I find restorative and rejuvenating.

With that being said, eclipses also give us the opportunity to pay attention to aspects of our lives that are not working. They can surprise us, jolt us and they definitely get us moving. As you walk through your life over the week, observe what happens to you without judgment. If you feel so inclined, make a list of goals you would like to achieve in the near future. As we move through this transition, having a little extra insight is always helpful. On an emotional level, you may find yourself more prone to crying, laughing and your intuition may be a little bit on overdrive. All of this is normal. Pay attention to anything that opens itself up to heal and allow yourself to be present in the process. Let the changes come, you may even have fun with it.

Ultimately, this phenomenon is a once in a lifetime experience. However, you choose to spend it, be good to yourselves friends. 2018 is already shaping up to be a busy and productive year. As always, should you need any additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am personally looking forward to my most successful year yet and I am honored to be sharing it with each and every one of you!

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