What the Universe Looks Like

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I often get asked “what does the Universe look like?” While this question is something many people are curious about, my research and experience in the topographical overview of the Universe and it’s energy fields is that it is so incomprehensibly vast that there is no definitive way for a human mind to contextualize it.

Human minds want to be able to understand things. It makes us feel safe. We also want to be able to label and put things into a category or box – so that we can keep our thought patterns and belief structures neatly organized. It’s all part of how we relate to the world. Here’s the deal though… the Universe by-and-large is so massive (and simultaneously small) that it defies human logic.

There is no ‘one way’ that the Universe is… rather… there are infinite ways.

‘But… but… I want to KNOW’ you say!!! Trust me, I get it….

Let me break it down in a way that may make sense through working observations I’ve made through my work with Shamanic studies and holotropic breath work over the past ten years:

Think of our earth and the entire cosmos as far out as science can possibly measure… It’s pretty big, right? I’m not just talking about our solar system – I’m talking about everything all the way past the thermosphere into unknown outer space…

Now think of a honeycomb. Envision all of the honeycomb’s cells and organized patterns. Now imagine that the entire cosmos surrounding our galaxy and all that we know of outer space fits neatly into JUST ONE of those honeycomb cells. Say whaaaaaat?

And now here’s the kicker: Imagine pulling your vision back and as far as you can see in every direction there are more honeycomb cells containing equally vast universes…. literally trillions of them.

Now you’re getting a taste of the vastness of the Universe.

What are those other dimensions like? We’ll discuss that at length in a future post. For now, I’ll say that I’ve observed many to be life giving, and others to be incomprehensibly dense. There are many that are pure vibration, some that are comprised of mathematical formulas or unknown languages, some that are fluid, others that are solid, and then… of course… the void and what I refer to as ‘still point’ – which is where I’ve witnessed everything and nothing to exist simultaneously…

How’s that for a mind bender?

{If the honeycomb analogy doesn’t resonate – think of it like grains of sand on a beach. Our little earth realm takes up a mere fraction of one of the grains of sand on a beach that spreads out in all directions as far as they eye can see.}

Heads up – Intellect actually gets in the way of Universal exploration! Being willing to humble ourselves enough to let go of what we think we know in order to be shown other dimensions requires courage and willingness to walk the line up to and past our egos outer edge. It’s not exactly comfortable – and definitely requires a willingness to surrender our idea that everything in the Universe revolves around us.

Ah…. There’s so much more! We are merely standing at the edge of the rabbit hole. Think of me as your happy little vibrational tour guide. I’m pleased to accompany you as far in as you’d like to go…

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