What Happens After We Die: Part Two

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Traumatic Death

In Part One of this blog, we covered medical/expected death from both the anatomic and energetic perspectives. We broke down the ‘tunnel’ experience as potentially being the soul’s ascension through the crown chakra, and shared about other experiences that the dying person may have while shedding their body.

Now we will discuss traumatic death as I witnessed it while working on the streets as a clairvoyant empath and paramedic. Contrary to many drawn out disease-related deaths, traumatic death is often unexpected and the soul’s reaction is often one of shock and unwillingness. I saw it often on the ambulance… people woke up, got dressed, and started their day the same as anyone ~ only to be killed a few hours later while driving to work.

Instead of exiting through the heart or crown chakra, these souls and other types of abrupt traumas were often catapulted out of their bodies. Think of it like being in a slingshot – except that your body stays still while your conscious awareness abruptly separates. Countless times my clairvoyant vision allowed me to watch these souls float above the 911 scene. Most souls – which looked very similar to their human form except that they were translucent – seemed confused or to be in a state of shock. Others tried frantically to get back into their bodies. This looked like the soul grasping or reaching for their physical body, but being unable to reattach because their essence was no longer tangible. This was often unsettling to witness…

Upon arrival, we as paramedics would assess which protocol to follow and either do CPR or pronounce the person dead. From the energetic standpoint, I observed several different scenarios in a patient undergoing CPR:

Although initially confused, many of the souls I watched transition into death were met by angels or loved ones who seemed to communicate with the souls telepathically. This was not all that different than that of a medical death, except the angel seemed to be tasked with explaining the situation to the soul. In a matter of seconds (or sometimes minutes), most of the souls went from a confused state to one of seeming understanding. It looked like they were remembering or somehow making sense of information they were being shown. While some of the souls seemed okay with it all, others looked longingly at their bodies and resisted letting go as we transported them to the hospital.

And then there were those souls who were not okay with their death whatsoever. They appeared frantic, distraught, and utterly terrified… In these cases, I watched these souls grasp, claw, and thrash around as they attempted to get back into their bodies. Unsuccessful, many of them were eventually ushered by angels/celestials to a sort of ‘way station’ that contained what I could best describe as an energetic incubator. I watched as the soul would then be put into the incubator and apparently soothed/tended to by other gentle spirits until it could handle the realization of its physical death. The incubators looked like giant pods that emanated soft pinkish white light.

Eventually – whether in traumatic or expected death, my experience showed me that most every soul is eventually stabilized enough to experience the ‘reunion’ and Life Review that we discussed in Part One. Please remember that there is no one linear thread of consciousness outside of this dimension! Everyone will experience death in their own way. There are literally infinite perspectives of awareness that become present simultaneously as we let go of the ego and five senses.

So again, let’s cut to the chase:

What is the difference between a traumatic and medical death? Mechanism and the speed/mode of exit of the soul out of the body.

Is death a random happenstance? No. We all have infinite life and death scenarios that are available to us through our original grid. Our environment, habits, and daily choices determine the scenarios that lead to our various life and death experiences.

Can a soul get stuck in between dimensions? Yes. Some souls may stay without their bodies on earth for periods of time as a result of unresolved attachments. However, all souls cross eventually cross into Unity Consciousness. No soul will be ‘left behind’, and no aspect of the Whole will be banished eternally.

Where do we go after the Life Review? After the Life Review we have a plethora of choices. Some souls hang out in a Utopian state of oneness. Some regret what they saw in the Life Review and want a do-over so they incarnate back to earth right away. Some incarnate to other many of the other dimensions to have different types of experiences. Some visit their Over Soul – which houses all of the information that they have ever experience in any lifetime. It’s literally an endless exploration opportunity scenario…

Woo Hoo!!! I love talking openly with you all about this and being your vibrational tour guide! In future posts I will address the Over Soul more in depth – as well as the mind-bending awareness that we are living thousands of lives right now. Forget about past lives! What about your future lives that are playing out as we speak?!

Until we meet again!!!

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  • Priya Darshini-Bell

    I love this. So well stated. Clear, concise and helpful. Thank you Sarah!

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