Are Humans the Supreme Creation? *FACEPALM*

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As we continue along on our exploration of the multiverse, I find it important to break down some specific attributes that are uniquely human – particularly the five senses, belief structures, and ego. You see, while human beings and our capacities can indeed be quite amazing, my research has shown me that we also tend to be a bit of a self-important species.

I’ve heard many statements suggesting or boasting that humans are the ‘supreme creation’ of the universe… but is that true? Are we, mere mortals – with our insatiable Jerry Springer nature, the pinnacle creation of a sixteen billion year old Universe?


Humans are separated from other mammals through our ability to discern. We can think, rationalize, compute, in ways many others cannot.

“Some believe what separates men from animals is our ability to reason. Others say it’s language or romantic love, or opposable thumbs. Living here in this lost world, I’ve come to believe it is more than our biology. What truly makes us human is our unending search, our abiding desire for immortality.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World

Humans are also unique because of our egos. Now, the ego often gets a bad rap – but it is actually a foundational part of our species collective grid infrastructure. The ego comprises a vital aspect of whom we believe ourselves to be during our human incarnation as well as our beliefs, sensory awareness, and sense of self from conscious and subconscious levels. Can egos become over-inflated? Yes. We needn’t point out the obvious examples all around us for that. But can we literally live our lives without egos? Not unless we want to walk around with the equivalent of a total lobotomy. (A full post dedicated to spiritual misconception around the ego coming soon).

The human ability to think freely and create from an ego driven space has allowed many humans to feel superior to other animals on this planet. So naturally, those who believe that we are the smartest beings on the planet could surmise that we are the smartest beings in the universe… if earth were in fact the center of the universe.

I now invite you to think back to the blog I wrote about what the universe looks like. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here: Remember the honeycomb with the trillions of different dimensions of reality? Each cell of the honeycomb contains entire galaxies and solar systems – all with planets, vibrations, and experience. To say that earth is the central focus of all of those trillions of dimensions is misguided and downright laughable. Despite what we like to believe, we really are just not that important.

Let’s take a breath. That one could sting a little…

Earth and humans are just a cog in a wheel that is so infinitely vast, deep, rich, and intricate that it is virtually indescribable. While we do matter as a species, we are also by our very nature, extremely limited in perceptual awareness. Our inability to see beyond our five senses makes us think that we are the one and only… But we’re not ~ not even close (and I’m not talking about aliens wanting to invade – that’s an entirely different rabbit hole of earth-centrism).

So, lets cut to the chase shall we? Through my studies I have witnessed levels of realities and cultures that are so far beyond the human capabilities that we look like kindergartners. The organizational development and technology was so far beyond human comprehension that it would be like comparing a Ferrari to a covered wagon. On a scale of one to ten, with all of our wondrous current data technology we are still coming in around a 2.5 compared to other dimension’s 10 – and yet it’s really not comparable because the entire system structures are vastly different.

So what does that mean? That there are countless other species with incomprehensible intelligence existing in the multiverse.

Who are they? Species living in entirely different vibrational levels of reality.

Why can’t we see them? Because they reside in different realms of the multiverse outside the known cosmos and galaxy – beyond black holes and into entirely different vibrational realitities.

Why don’t we know about them? Because our five senses, human minds, and egos get in the way of conscious exploration to other dimensions, and – because we’re designed to live life thinking we are separate from collective consciousness.

Should we be scared? Not at all.

Is the whole matrix running the way it was designed? Yup.

So… Are humans are the supreme creation? That’s for each individual to decide. Despite what we like to believe, however, we are certainly not the most intelligent species out there. But we are down here doing our human thing, living our lives of duality and contrast and ego ~ exactly as we are designed to do.

And so the spiral continues…

Thanks for playing in the ethers with me today! I hope this brings forth some interesting thought and conscious exploration for you! Until next time… go forth and be awesome. xo

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