Spring Fling: Clearing the Clutter

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HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE! Here we are once again at this beautiful time of year where all is fresh, new, and exciting. The seeds that we planted last fall have hibernated over the winter and are at the beginning stages of bloom. We hear it all the time – renew, rebirth, resurrection – but what does that actually mean?

To me it means that energetically the cycle of death/rebirth has come to seasonal completion, and we are free to birth into the next phase of our lives. We are in sync with the earth energies that allow our creativity, passion, and desire to bloom in our lives in new and unexpected ways. Spring is my favorite season for many reasons, but mainly because I love feeling the fresh vitality of all things possible once again!

Here are five practical tips I use to maximize this fresh spring energy:

1. Clean Out Your Closets ~ A minimalist at heart, I go through my closets every six months to donate what I no longer want or use to charity. Tackling one closet in your house a day/week breaks down what may seem like a daunting project into practical, doable stages. Removing what is no longer useful frees space, and not being bogged down by excess clutter promotes healthy vitality and creative space.

2. End Unhealthy Relationships ~ This one might be daunting at first, but the willingness to disconnect from people who don’t support and uplift us might just be one of the most important steps to creating a life of your dreams. Feel into it. Evaluate the five closest people to you and get honest about how you feel when you are around them. If they support and encourage you – keep them around. But if you feel depleted, beat down, depressed, or discouraged after hanging out with them… it’s time to cut the cord. We only have access to a certain amount of energy each day. Filling your space with people who hold you back actually prevents new, healthy relationships from coming in. Go easy. You don’t have to do it all at once – maybe titrate how much you encounter the ‘Debbie Downers’ and just notice how you feel when you aren’t around them. This is where quality over quantity comes in. Let go of the drama cycle. There are so many cool new people are just waiting to come into your life to play!

3. Tackle Your Finances ~ This might seem to be an odd spring selection but sitting down for an hour a day to review finances and really get a hold of where you are can be incredibly liberating! I used to have credit card debt and only a small savings until I took charge of my finances. Shifting my mindset from fear and helplessness has catapulted me out of debt and into a healthy relationship with money. Now, I live an abundant life and have a practical plan for continued fun and creation. For more guidance, check out my friend Nancy Levin’s book Willing to Be Worthy. She lays out practical ways to take the fear out of finance and helps you formulate a step-by-step guide to taking your power back around money.

4. Edit Friends Lists/Phone Contacts ~ How long has it been since you’ve gone through your phone and updated your contacts? Old phone numbers, email contacts, and friend requests take up valuable energetic real estate. Again – twenty minutes a day until each task is completed can be incredibly freeing. Energetic tethers remain if we keep those old numbers. Time to clean house! Let go of anyone who doesn’t support your highest and best self. They will likely soon be replaced by exciting new connections.

5. Unplug ~ It’s time to stop and smell the roses – literally. Collectively we’ve been through a lot in the past few months. Many people have experienced significant loss or shifts in their lives and are still healing and integrating. There is no better time than now to just STOP. Go outside. Smell the fresh air. Feel the sunshine on your skin. Listen to the birds chirping. Watch the remaining snow melt and feel the damp earth with your hands. Twenty minutes a day of just BEING can energetically reset your entire system and allow for fresh, inspired creation.

This is your life – right now – not tomorrow – not yesterday – NOW. You are worthy RIGHT NOW. You are loved RIGHT NOW. You have an amazing life to live RIGHT NOW. I invite you to utilize this spring energy to believe it, and start living accordingly.

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