A Few Words on Spiritual Bullsh*t

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I keep coming across posts from the spiritual community about people whose mission it is to ‘unify the world’ and who profoundly declare that they ‘won’t stop until all people are One in love and tranquility’…


So here’s the deal. While a bliss state for all sentient beings in earth realm is certainly a wonderful thought ~ it stems from a slightly limited New Age perspective that has lost sight of a few key components:

1) The vibration of Oneness and Cosmic Unity IS the very resonance of our soul’s energetic makeup. We (as pure consciousness) incarnated as short-term guests to this spinning rock in orbit to experience CONTRAST from our normal state of being. To attune all beings to the same high velocity frequency would be negating our experience by essentially cancelling out duality.

2) It is not up to any one individual or group to project outwardly how the world ‘should be’. (Though Lord knows we try!) Love and light are great and all, but have you checked in with society lately? There’s a whole lotta contrast going down out there. Is that ‘wrong’? Nope. It just IS. This is where we are right now. Period. Is it shifting? Sure. It’s always shifting. The Macrocosm is exploring itself constantly through microcosmic experiences…Welcome to the tapestry of the Universe. Simply said, Source knows what’s up ~ if things were ‘supposed to be’ another way, they would/will be – in Divine time.

3) Humans are funny little creatures running around with our egos. Ego loves self-importance. Self-importance loves attention and getting all up in other people’s business by telling them how to be. Ego loves accolades and power trips and feeling like it matters. Ego also likes to decide what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – even though good/bad/right/wrong are concepts that vary drastically from person to person. All of us have egos. And all of us matter. One person’s opinion is NO MORE IMPORTANT than anyone else’s, and there is no one ‘right’ way to live. To stand up and shout that the world ‘should conform’ to any one idealized tendency (no matter how full of lollipops and unicorns) stems predominantly from an egoic need to feel important, a desire to matter, and a basic misunderstanding of the energetic construct of this dimension.

So let me help you out with that: YOU MATTER! YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU CAN DO IT!! There. Feel better? Side note: I’ve personally found that the spiritual/medicine community is RIPE with runaway egos – even more than the fire department – and THAT is saying something! I digress…

4) Instead of being despondent about the state of the world or trying to shift anything ‘out there’, I invite you to look inside of yourself at the parts that you haven’t yet accepted. If you want love, balance, and Oneness in the world – go inside yourself and explore where those are lacking in you. Tending to your own garden and watering your own grass is where you’ll find your very own buried treasure. The Universe is doing exactly what it’s doing – so we might as well have some fun during our brief stay on this lovely little planet! Much love!

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  • Brenda

    Sarah, as always your message conveys what I feel. Thank you for being a needed voice! I get frustrated sometimes when it is forgotten that we are here to experience, not necessarily fix!

  • Priya

    Well said! Isn’t it much more loving to simply allow people to live the lives they choose?

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