The Little Girl Dances

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One of my favorite feelings is being able to utilize ALL of my Gifts to help someone heal through a traumatic instance in their lives.

I recently had a session with a woman who just lost a little girl that was very close to her. The girl had been sick, but the death was swift and caught everyone off guard – and my client was understandably overwhelmed. As I connected and began to work on her, I immediately saw systemic cellular exhaustion from an overstimulation of the adrenal glands. Her whole system was coated in a gray blanket of dust-like energy and her cells vibrated much slower than is typical of healthy cells (exhaustion). As I opened her energy system and moved the energetic ‘dust blanket’, a deep sense anguish that lay in her chest washed through, filling the room with grief. Next, I noticed that her throat chakra was choked off by a hard, black guillotine type energy that was very resistant to opening. Putting my hands lightly by her throat and neck, I began assessing the vice grip of this energy so that we could access the pain trapped under it. But it wouldn’t budge. As is typical of trauma – the frequency had become firmly lodged in her body and was resistant to moving. The woman had ‘swallowed’ the pain of the death – and was subconsciously holding on tightly because she was just trying to make it through life without collapsing.

Pausing a moment to figure out what to do next, I noticed a bright light like the sun appear to my clairvoyant view – and within the middle of the glowing ball of light a beautiful little girl stood smiling at me. She was illuminated in gold and exuded vitality and life. I felt the extraordinarily high vibration of love, joy, and absolute peace. The field in which she stood was vast and filled with exquisite multicolored flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies – and there were ribbons of all colors waving gently off of branches from trees in the distance. I smelled the sweet fragrance of fresh wild flowers and felt an absolute ease in the perfection of what was in front of me. The little girl laughed as she put her arms out like an airplane and began spinning in a circle. She said, “Look at me! I’m dancing!”

I said (telepathically), “Oh, Hi! Thank you for coming! Yes – I see you! You look beautiful! What would you like me to tell her?” (my client) The little girl told me to tell her that she wasn’t sick anymore, that she was glad the tube was out of her throat (ventilator) – and that she was dancing…
Shifting my attention back to my client’s energetic body I gently said to her, “You’ve recently lost a little girl, yes?” Her eyes grew wide and tears formed in her eyes as she nodded. With that, an audible ‘pop’ came from the energy surrounding her throat and I saw a deep crack develop in the thick layer. I then said to my client, “She’s here, right next to you. She wants you to know that she is happy to not be sick any more, that she is happy to not have a tube in her throat, and that she is dancing.” That was exactly what my client needed to hear. The energetic dam broke and the hard, black guillotine energy stuck in her throat began crumbling into rubble – opening to allow a thick tar-like energy to seep from underneath. For me, this is where the magic happens! Shifting into energetic paramedic mode, I began tending to the flood of moving energy around her neck while continuing to relay what the beautiful little girl wanted me to say. My client expressed gratitude for the messages and the remainder of the session was spent recalibrating her energy field while infusing her with love so that she may have vital life force to eventually fully recover.

This session was beautiful for all involved. My client was able to release a huge energetic weight so that she may really begin the healing process, the little girl was happy to be seen and heard, and my soul was nourished through utilizing the full extent of my abilities simultaneously. I’m so very grateful to be able to hold this space. It is an honor to help others on their path in this life, and to always be beautifully reminded that there truly is no death.

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