Why Past Lives are not in the Past

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Humans are awesome! We all have our own lens in which we view life, and often strive to come up with new and different ways to put our own spin on concepts that have been around forever. Past lives are a hot topic in the New Age and healing communities. I keep hearing ‘I’ve lived ___ [insert number] of lives’ or ‘I’ve been xyz in my past lives.’ That may be true – but the humorous aspect that is how limited this perspective just may be.

A truth is that there is no such thing as time as we know it outside of this paradigm – so all of reality is happening simultaneously in an incomprehensibly large tapestry of energetic information that never stops moving, changing, and growing. That energy is what our souls are comprised of. Everything that ever was or will be is RIGHT NOW – including any ‘past lives’ we may have had. I like to think of them more like parallel lives and experiences since they are all flowing along next to us outside of our perception of this space and time. The reason we may have flashbacks to other lives or impact from them into this life is often caused when the webbing of our matrix from other experiences gets too close to the grid webbing of this dimension and causes bleed over into this life and reality. It’s not a big deal – it’s a structural thing on the Over Soul level, and there isn’t even anything necessary to fix or heal unless our soul feels compelled to do so.

The other thing that cracks me up is how earth-centric we are as a species; as if this is the only paradigm and place where we incarnate to have perceived life experiences. Not even close! As we’ve discussed before, there are trillions of different realms that we can exist in simultaneously. I could get all crazy with technical explanation of the construction aspects of the Universe, or we could just bring it down to why it matters here in this life:

1) Humans are important – but we are significantly limited by our senses and egos. The entirety of this life and planet are equal to only one grain of sand on an infinite beach that is the tapestry of the Universe. We could stand to get over our self-importance just a bit.
2) Every life, dimension, realm, and experience is equally important – because stems from ONE ENERGY simultaneously.
3) The more we can relax and enjoy the ride without getting so hung up on ego identity attachments the better our lives can flow.
4) Humans are smart – but we often suck at humility. Admitting what we don’t know stuff is okay. Doing so allows the perfection of the Universe to unfold and become magical again.
5) Every life is guaranteed to end. Maybe instead of trying so hard to be healed of every little thing we can just

HAVE FUN LIVING! The experience of ourselves is why we incarnated into this life in the first place…
That’s a lot of information in a little paragraph. Sit with it. As always take what resonates and leave the rest. This is the matrix of our own creation after all! Much love friends! xo

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  • Priya Darshini-Bell

    I love this! I know that past lives, maybe other lives is a better way to say it, are unfolding simultaneously, but it makes my brain ache to try and wrap my little mind around it. It’s easier to relegate them to the “past.” When I experience a “memory” it’s always because something in my current experience opens the doorway between my 2 experiences.

    But the part that I find intriguing is the notion that humility allows the magic and eases the unfoldment of life (I guess that’s not a real word, but it works for me.) It’s something I’ve never thought about, but makes perfect sense. When I approach life with the simplicity and wonderment of a child, it is magic. And so much more fun!

  • Laura

    I wish you had a small sample of your meditation CD’s to hear. It is really nice to hear a voice and background music to see if it is compatible with a person’s energy. I have bought CD’s before and didn’t like the music and something about the person’t voice rubbed me the wrong.

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