On Living Life Fully

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Ok – so here’s part of the energetic gig in a nutshell…

In our pre-incarnation state of consciousness, it could be said that we are one large, beautiful energy comprised of the highest frequencies of Love. Somewhere along the way we decide that we want to have an experience of perceived separation. In order to do that, our soul chose to incarnate into human form (or one of countless other dimensions) so that we may experience life, thought, emotion, and all other aspects of the Human Experience.

While yes, there are Karmic energies that span multiple lifetimes/dimensions, and yes we (in part) are here to balance aspects of that through lessons – my take is the main objective of life is: drum roll please… THE EXPERIENCE of being alive.

In this dimension we have five basic senses that limit our usually infinite capabilities, which, combined with the ego, usually do a pretty darn good job of convincing us that anything outside of the tangible and explainable doesn’t exist. (giggle) In order for there to be a perceived sense of separation (since on a meta level we are all everything all the time) we must play host to the funny little ditty called duality. Now, duality often gets a bad rap because some people think that transcending duality is the name of the game in this incarnation. That is one hip and fashionable trail on the trek right now, but many of those awesome souls are marching over the spiritual mountain only to remember that our higher consciousness is all ONE energy – therefore realizing that THE EXPERIENCE OF BEING ALIVE IS WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR.✌

Your first crush, a soccer game, the sweet taste of birthday cake, making love under a full moon, getting drunk and laughing until it hurts getting hired, getting fired, makeups, breakups, dancing until sunrise, singing at the top of your lungs, falling in love, falling out of love, creating art, rocking out, bungee jumping, eating yummy things, thinking about and FEELING all sensation, highs, lows, wins, losses, happiness, sadness, birth and then finally… the finale – death – where we go back to that limitless LOVE in which we came from.

See? Life does not have to be so ‘serious’ after all… So kick back and relax, champ, we’ve already arrived at our original destination. WE ARE ALIVE!! That said, this ride is guaranteed to end before you know it – so I propose that we surrender our fears and LIVE FULLY while we’re here.

I’m game!! VIVA!!!!

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