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Ok friends ~ this post is intended to inspire you to feel powerful in change. Just to recap, we incarnate into physical form and adopt a core energetic grid that makes up our identity. You can think of this base infrastructure like the mainframe a computer. This core grid includes all of the lessons and potential experiences available to us through our parents, families, geographical location, and genetic encoding. Throughout childhood, we also adopt belief structures and societal ‘norms’ that shape how we view our lives and this reality. Somewhere in our 20’s or 30’s (maybe later depending on the individual) we have life experiences that may allow us challenge the initial grid and our belief structures that accompany it. These transitional times are often referred to as a midlife crisis or Saturn return. While challenging, they can also be a time of growth where we can literally change our habits and belief structures to bring forth entirely new life circumstance…

Um… Whaaat? (I can hear your synapses firing now) In plain English – we don’t have to settle for what we ‘were’ just because that’s what we’ve always been. We may have been neglected, abused, traumatized, sick, or unhappy in our early life but that does NOT mean that we have to spend our entire life playing out that archetype! So how do we do it? How can we possibly change for real?

I’m glad you asked!!

  1. First off, REAL CHANGE TAKES COURAGE! In order to really change on the molecular level we have to want to change so badly that it doesn’t matter if we ‘lose everything’ in the process. Letting go of what was in order to create something new means moving beyond our comfort zone. Not easy, but definitely part of the process of letting go of old blocks to create a new life.
  2. BELIEVE that the change and circumstance we desire is actually possible. This takes perseverance because usually the squawk box mind and fear based ego jump in telling us things like ‘this can’t possibly work’, or ‘who are you to think that you deserve ___’. Just smile and laugh at your ego – notice it’s limitations and fears – and march on.
  3. Be willing to let go of your old way of being. This is where the rubber meets the road and tends to snag people up because often times we have formed our entire identity around what we learned as a kid. But here’s the gig – If we are not willing to shed the old identity, we don’t have space to create something new. Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say that this is easy because it’s not. It takes tremendous strength to let go of all we’ve ever known with no guarantee about what lies ahead, but it IS POSSIBLE!
  4. JUMP!!! Just do it! We can stand at the edge of the proverbial cliff hemming and hawing until the cows come home – but that won’t get us the change we truly desire. Ultimately, we have do the ‘dirty work’ by taking ACTION – leaping away from what no longer serves us.

So – there it is. When it comes down to it – change comes in stages. If you want to break out of old conditioning, take small daily steps to create more of what you want. As one who has thrown herself off of countless cliffs into the vast unknown – I can personally attest to the infinite freedom and liberation that this process offers. Breathe, trust, surrender… and FLY.

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