Session With A Dead Man

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I recently had one of the most intense and complex sessions of my career thus far. With permission, I have been granted the ability to share a bit about this extraordinary individual with you.

By all accounts, my client (who for the purpose of this post we’ll call John) was an average man living his life in rural California before the following events occurred. A ‘good old boy’ he was doing his best working hard at his business and trying to take care of his family.

Then one night he and his two adult sons were shot and killed outside a bar after a simple altercation turned deadly. You read that right. All three of the men were shot, and all three of them died. Except, after being pronounced clinically dead John came back to life (full details to follow). As if that isn’t fascinating enough – after being resuscitated, he spent TWO YEARS in a coma only to suddenly wake up five just weeks before seeing me. Upon awakening, he was fully cognitively intact and thinking that the shooting had occurred the day before.

Think about that for a second.

He died, came back, laid unconscious in a bed for two years, and woke up to the news that his sons had long been buried and most of his friends thought he was dead too (believing that he wasn’t likely to survive either, his wife had purchased headstones for all three of her family members at once) Adding to the intensity of the case – John had just been to visit his own gravesite the week prior, and had only just begun to understand that the year was no longer 2014.

He was having a hard time on a lot of levels (understandably). He couldn’t seem to stay in his body, was having all kinds of visuals, and couldn’t make sense of all of the extra energy around him. He said that he was having a hard time thinking, felt like he was ‘floating’ and like this life/reality wasn’t real. Fortunately, his friend gave him my book shortly after he woke up – which resonated enough for him to drive three hours to see me.

When I first saw John, he was ungrounded, fidgety, having dissociative thoughts, and challenges with speech flow. He had no history of mental illness and I only needed one look to see that many of the symptoms were likely due to his soul energy still being 80% out of his body. After a brief dialogue, he shared that he remembered dying: the feeling of being shot, watching both of his sons drop in front of him, then floating above the bodies and feeling very confused (exactly what I saw countless times on the streets as a paramedic) From that confusion, he went into deep peace and from there a profound love before being taken to a space to speak with loved ones – and then finally back to his body and into the coma. Interestingly, he remembered every detail about dying, but couldn’t remember the medicated coma space until we talked about it after the session. For two years, it appeared to me in his session that his soul hung out in a chamber type room with four of his elder guides – which he excitedly confirmed when we chatted about it.

From a practitioner standpoint, this case was challenging on multiple levels:

  1. It required I utilize all aspects of my abilities and full range of energetic amplitude at once – which feels very similar to being the primary paramedic on a critical call.
  2. His dead sons came and stood next to the table, and we were able to get closure for all involved via relaying messages.
  3. I utilized my skills to pull John’s energy back down into his body (think of pulling a genie back into a lamp) by standing at his feet and drawing the currents downward. From there I calmed, balanced, and realigned his systems as best I could in a single session.
  4. Finally – we had to have the ‘do you want to live or die?’ conversation (another paramedic specialty) With the intensity of everything, he hadn’t been sure he made the right choice to come back. After saying yes, that he did in fact want to live – at least for today – (love the honesty) – we were able to set up a laundry list of steps to help him physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically deal with the MASSIVENESS of all of this.

After the session – John thanked me and said that it was the first time he had smiled since he woke up from the coma. He no longer presented to me as ungrounded, instead he was calmer, spoke more clearly, and seemed to be more in his body.

Now make no mistake – John still has a long road in front of him, but now he has the tools to help him integrate, and a team of people to support and cheer him on. I am over the moon that I was able to climb into the middle of his energetic crisis and give him the energetic boost that he needed in that moment.

THAT – my friends – is why I do what I do.
Much love!

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