A 10 Day Vipassana Retreat

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I’ve just returned from a 10 Day Vipassana ~ Which is the silent meditation Buddha practiced to become enlightened while sitting under the Bodhi Tree. The technique is simple yet very challenging ~ sitting upright and not moving or reacting as you focus your mind on your body sensations and breath… for 100 hours. 🌸

Honestly, this was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve ever done. Exercise, movement, and productivity are my go-to vices ~ so not being able to use my main coping mechanisms let everything I’ve been “too busy to deal with” bubble up…

Fun? No.

Rewarding? Absolutely.

I realized through the teachings that the subconscious mind (which creates up to 80% of our everyday reality) lives in the physical body. I had mistakenly thought it was in the metal layer of the auric field… Unless we take measure to train our mind, subconscious sensations keep us perpetually living in past trauma or future ambitions.

Learning to focus the mind on present sensation allows subconscious energy/trauma to be systematically felt and released, thus freeing us from the cycle of pain that is so common in human life…

I went all-in and surrendered completely ~ kicking caffeine and sugar on top of it. It was the most physically taxing experience I’ve ever undertaken. Things I knew would come up came up, things I thought I had dealt with came up, and things I had no idea were there came up. It was excruciating, exhausting, euphoric, expansive, tedious, tear-filled, painful, amazing, and wonderful.

There is nowhere to go, nothing to do but sit and face yourself… ALL of yourself. 😳

Was it worth it? YESSSSSSSS!!!

I feel reborn ~ with closure, completion, and clarity across the board. Being with myself in such intense circumstance for that duration gave me tremendous inner strength. I feel raw but self-connected in a way I’ve never known. I now understand what my capabilities TRULY are, and that is a pretty incredible feeling.

Also, While the origins date back to Buddha, the technique itself is non-religious and can be practiced in compliment to any faith. I liked that. Totally inclusive to all with the intention of giving people the tools to get themselves out of misery. 🙏🏽

If you have questions or are curious if the experience might be good for you, check out

You might just change your life. ❤️

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