The DL On Energy Work – Quantum Physics Style

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Skeptical of energy work? Don’t really know what it is? I get it! Here’s one simple way I like to break it down:

An atom is essentially a tiny vibrating particle (made up of space and quarks which become protons, neutrons, and electrons). We all concur, eh? Good, then let’s expand. A bunch of atoms together make up a molecule, which comes together to make up a cell. So a cell is just another little ball of vibrating parts. Still with me..? Cool.

A bunch of cells make up a tissue, which makes up an organ, which makes up an organ system, which makes up an organism (human), which makes up a collective.

So, essentially, everything is just different levels of vibration. Each level has a specific resonance it vibrates at for optimal health. For instance, the cardiac system has a different frequency than the GI system ~ which is all different than mental and emotional frequencies etc. People like me can see/feel when one area is vibrating differently than the rest of the system, and then work to realign it.

No magic. No hocus-pocus. No crystal balls or beaded curtains required (and I’m certainly not going to tell your fortune ~ so please don’t ask!) It’s all just energy. Scientifically backed quantum physics… nothing to fear or even misunderstand, really.

Knowledge is power, my friends ~ And now you know. Much love!

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