Side Stepping Negative Energy

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I used to be scared of energy attaching to me, and tried to keep myself ‘clear and protected’ all the time. That worked for a while, but I found trying to bubble and shield to be tedious and exhausting. 🤔

Now, instead of defending I maneuver currents as they come to me. I understand that if I maintain my personal power there’s nothing really to fear or protect from. When icky energy comes my way, I aikido it instead of trying to protect myself from it. That way there’s no engagement. Instead, it’s a dance.

Say someone projects anger toward me – the first step I take is to feel my center (vertebral column) and my feet on the ground. Next, I notice the current coming at me – what is the color? shape? texture? temperature? Are there visuals that come with it? Is there a message? Then instead of trying to put a shield up, I’ll gently energetically shift and allow it to roll through. I no longer try to transmute it or make it about me. That just snags the energy. Now, when I don’t want to absorb something, I just say to myself: ‘Oh there’s some energy that I don’t want in my field.’ And… sidestep… 🌺

This happens instantaneously and comes with time and practice. Trusting that you can handle the frequencies regardless of what comes at you takes time.

If I do get something lodged in my field, I play with the earth’s magnetic field. I just ask Gaia to take what just lodged in me – and then drop it like it’s hot. 🌎 (More details on this in another blog)

Again, no story. I can’t emphasize enough how the willingness to let go of chaos, identity, victimization, or the need to be special have allowed me to integrate more fully in myself so that I no longer feel like the world of energy is out to get me. 🌓

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