The Difference Between Sensitive & Empathic (Quiz)

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If you are hypersensitive, there is a good chance that you are either living with HSP (High Sense Perception) or that you are an empath.

What is the difference, you ask? What a wonderful question!

While empaths and people with HSP share physiologic characteristics like overly sensitive nervous systems and hypersensitivity to stimulus, the primary difference is:

Sensitive people do not absorb or retain the excess stimulus in their bodies like empaths do.

While a person with HSP may become overwhelmed easily by noise, crowds, lights, or emotion, they often return to normal quickly after removing themselves from the stimulus. Empaths, on the other hand, absorb the extra energy like a sponge. It often takes hours, days, or even weeks to return to baseline if they are not properly educated on how to clear their field.

Are you curious what type of sensitive you are? Below is a fun quiz to gauge where you land on the empath spectrum:

Empath Quiz

1) I have been told I’m “too sensitive.” Y/N

2) I take on the emotions or pain of others. Y/N

3) I am physically drained by crowds. Y/N

4) Being around certain people makes me feel sick. Y/N

5) I can tell when someone is lying. Y/N

6) My feelings are easily hurt. Y/N

7) My nerves are jarred by noise, smells, or excessive talk. Y/N

8) People come to me when they have a problem. Y/N

9) I often put other’s needs ahead of my own. Y/N

10) I feel ill when seeing violent images in movies or on TV. Y/N

11) It can take me days or weeks to feel normal after taking other people’s energy. Y/N

12) I sense that plants and animals have consciousness. Y/N

13) The energy of the ocean, forest, or nature is preferable to the city. Y/N

14) I overeat or indulge in other addictive behaviors to cope with emotional stress. Y/N

15) I sometimes really dislike humanity. Y/N

If you scored <5 you are likely not an empath. If you scored 6-10, you are on the empathic spectrum. If you scored 10-15 you definitely show empathic characteristics.

I invite you to become educated! There are many different kinds of empaths, and many ways to live powerfully as a sensitive person. For easy tools that can make your life a whole lot easier, check out my ‘Empath Hacks’ Series starting soon on YouTube!

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