3 Tricks To Not Take On Energy

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Last week we covered how to know whether or not you are taking on and retaining other people’s energy. This week I will give you three easy in-the-moment techniques to stop taking that excess energy.

While these techniques are powerfully effective, please remember that unhealed core wounds and deeply ingrained subconscious patterns create stuck energy in our physical body and energy field more than most anything else. These patterns contribute significantly to ‘taking on energy’ and also act as an invitation to heal ourselves. There is nothing bad or wrong with these wounds as they are a natural aspect of the human condition. That said, the willingness to heal by accepting and integrating our fears, dislikes, and trauma is key in energetic mastery.

Addressing deeply held subconscious beliefs takes time, practice, and patience ~ so in the meanwhile, here are those three quick fix tools:

#1) Cover Your Solar Plexus With Your Hand ~ This quick and easy move is both effective and stealth. Whenever you feel extra energy coming your way, just cover your solar plexus (one inch above your belly button) with your open hand – palm down. By doing so, you create a physical barrier and the excess stimulus will likely ricochet off. The solar plexus is the primary area where higher levels of energy lodge in our physical body. Covering this area until you feel the energy has abated or you have removed yourself from the situation will help shield and empower you.

#2) Return To Sender ~ This is another quick and easy ‘in the moment’ exercise. Whenever you sense that you are taking on energy from someone/something around you, all you have to do is say to yourself (out loud or silently) ‘return to sender’. This is so obvious that it’s often overlooked. Willing the energy to return to sender immediately reassigns the vibrational frequency that is entering your field back to its origin. You are welcome to transmute the excess energy by saying ‘return to sender with love or light’, but understand that you do not have to. It’s not your job to transmute everyone else’s energy. If you feel inclined, there is likely an underlying subconscious need to feel purposeful. Check in with yourself. Life becomes much easier when we don’t involve ourselves in things we needn’t.

#3) Fill Your Aura ~ This technique takes a bit more ‘oomph’ and requires a sense of grounding to apply. If you find yourself to be overwhelmed, feel both feet firmly on the ground, bend your knees slightly, and then visualize dropping a grounding cord into the earth. From there, draw the earth energy up the cord and through your spinal column. Once you feel stabilized by this powerful grounding energy, push that energy out of your solar plexus and envision that frequency filling your auric field (roughly 4-5 feet out in all directions in the shape of an oval). Trust yourself. You can do this. Confidently fill your auric field with powerful, stable energy. This strength of frequency will automatically bounce off any energy that doesn’t resonate with it. This is some next-level ninja training and once mastered, this trick in particular can make your life so much easier!

There you go my friends! These are three tried and true tools that I use most every day. I encourage you to have some fun and make a game of it. Be curious, and remember ~ it’s all just energy. You can’t mess it up.

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