Sarah K. Grace offers consultations in person and over the phone for clients nationwide seven days a week. Morning, afternoon, and evening appointments are available to help accommodate individual needs, schedules, and time zones. Consultations done by phone are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Session Duration

75 minutes (hands-on)
60 minutes (phone)

Receiving Information During a Session

Your session with Sarah K. Grace will consist of a grid scan, allowing her to identify where the imbalance(s) are in your system. She will then dialogue with you regarding your questions and concerns as she systematically clears and balances your energy bodies and relays messages from loved ones or guides that may come through. Sarah is passionate about creating a profound and nourishing experience tailor made to your specific concerns. Her extensive backgrounds in High Sense Perception, Reiki, Shamanism, Mediumship, and Western Medicine allow her to link to your energy field to begin the process of clearing and aura/chakra repair. Sarah’s forte is ‘psychic surgery’ – a highly specialized modality that can deeply realign and restore the physical and energetic bodies. These methods are effective both in person and via phone because once her connection to your grid has been established, she can see and clear your energy as if you were directly in front of her. You will also receive a comprehensive follow-up plan to help implement positive and lasting changes into your life.

Whimsical Approach

With a wry sense of humor and approachable personality, you’ll find a session with Sarah to be refreshingly easy, like connecting with an old friend.

Belief System

Sarah K. Grace does not subscribe to any one particular healing modality or belief system. All recommendations are based on your unique needs. Due to the potent nature and high demand of her work, space is limited. Book your session today!

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To schedule a 30-minute, complimentary Exploration phone session, please click here.

To schedule a 60-minute coaching phone session, please click here.

To schedule a hands on session with Sarah, you will be redirected to another page. Sarah is a practitioner at Internal Wisdom and sees clients at this location.

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