Can you sense other people’s thoughts or feelings as if they are your own?
Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life?
Do you see/hear/or feel energy that others are not aware of?
Do you feel lost, disconnected, or hopeless?

A Ticket to Empowerment – Mentoring with Sarah K. Grace
A mentorship program with Sarah K. Grace provides grounded support towards lasting healing. These programs are designed to teach individuals practical tools to help them move through physical, mental, emotional, or energetic blocks. Not one for abstract concepts or ‘woo woo’ wording, Sarah utilizes her grounded nature and wry sense of humor to assist individuals through their darkest moments.

Sarah brings over thirty years of direct experience with extrasensory energetics, fifteen years as a paramedic, and nearly a decade of diversified studies in energy medicine, shamanism, medical intuition, and mediumship.

This program is designed for those that are ready to embrace their own unique abilities and make real, lasting change in their lives.

Are you ready?

4 Week Intensive

  • 4 x 60-min phone call
  • 1 call/week

The 4-Week Intensive is for people who are authentically ready for deep and rapid growth. The fast-paced curriculum of this program is designed to push individuals beyond toxic and outdated life patterns while introducing new ways of seeing their reality.

Base Course

  • 6 sessions
  • 3-month commitment
  • 2 sessions/month

The Base Course is for people who need help overcoming past traumas, letting go of toxic behaviors, uncovering their own power, or understanding/developing their own energetic gifts.

The three-month structure of this program provides a foundation for greater understanding and accountability towards whole-being wellness.

Advanced Course

  • 6 sessions
  • 6-month commitment
  • 1 session/month
  • Weekly 30-min check-in (phone)
    *Intensive and/or Base Course completion required prior to admittance

This program is designed for individuals who have acquired a foundation of energetic understanding and accountability. The once-monthly meetings complement the previous courses to introduce intermediate and advanced level clearing, healing, and manifestation exercises. This course aims to empower individuals to the point where they feel whole, healthy, and capable of thriving on their own.


  • Client commits to entire mentorship period whether or not they follow through with their sessions.
  • Client commits to completing all homework assignments given by Sarah K. Grace in accordance with the time frame requested.
  • Client agrees to be punctual and accountable for session attendance.
  • Client commits to bring their most authentic self to each session.

With many wounds and years of chronic stress people begin to feel tired, weighed-down, or uninspired as their passion for life begins to fade

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